AMC is more than just a supplier of machined components.  By combining a multi skilled team and well equipped workshop, AMC specialises in providing Australian made machined components and general engineering support services to a diverse cross section of industry applications, to name a few: Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Technical.


Capabilities & Services

  • CNC Turning/Bar Feeding
  • CNC Milling/Multi Axis
  • General Engineering Support Services
  • Production Cutting
  • Welding
  • Bead & Sand Blasting
  • Assembly

Additional Benefits

  • Customer service – In many instances by developing close working relationships, AMC is considered to be part of the customer’s production team.
  • Skilled design and production personnel
  • Product design and development – Fast tracking to finished products by utilising computer software design programs – Assistance with samples and prototypes.
  • Small to large production runs
  • Standard products and custom specials – Accommodate design changes, materials and finishes.
  • Wide selection of materials: Aluminium – Steel – Stainless Steel – Brass – Copper – Bronze – Engineering Plastics.
  • Lead times – To suit customer requirements.
  • Precision machined standards – High tolerances and surface finishes.
  • Quality control inspections – With every production process, to ensure customer requirements are achieved.
  • Affordable controlled costs – For today’s demanding economic conditions.
  • In addition to AMC’s in-house capabilities – Close working associations are maintained with a network of reliable subcontractors, e.g. Anodising – Electro Plating – Powder Coating – Waterjet Cutting – Laser Cutting – Sheet Metal – Metal Spinning.
  • Manufacturing in Australia – Continues to be a key factor in the AMC business plan.  By being  in control of the manufacturing and delivery processes, AMC provides the highest levels of customer service.


If imported machined components are being considered, the following points can apply:

  • Substandard materials
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Unreliable deliveries and lead times
  • No back up service or spare parts
  • Loss of Australian jobs

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